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We're here for you

When you book a Booth with us, we will be with you at every step of your event. From inital enquiry to booth switch off, we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth ride, an enjoyable partnership, and an awesome experience for you and your booth guests!

Companies we have worked with include

Salsa Booth

We specialise in The Salsa Booth. Sleek, compact & powerful, the Salsa Booth can give you photos, boomerangs, video & gif. Booth guests can instatly share their content via text message, email, QR code & Apple airdrop. 

corporate photo booth hire
corporate photo booth hire
corporate photo booth hire

Instant sharing

Instantly share you photos and videos via text, email, QR code or Apple Airdrop.

Salsa Photo Booth
Salsa Photo Booth

LED ring

Set the powerful LED light ring to any colour you wish

Tap To Start Screen

Before people interact with the salsa booth, it will display a Tap To Start Screen. This screen can be a looping video or still image.

Branded templates

We have an in house designer who can design photo templates and overlays incorporating your logos and messages. Alternatively, we can send empty PSD files to your designers and they can send us the final designs to upload to the booth.

corporate templates.jpg
corporate templates-6.jpg
corporate templates-5.jpg
corporate templates-4.jpg
corporate templates-2.jpg
photo booth template
photo booth template
photo booth template
photo booth template
romy template.png


Looking to design your own template and overlay ? Download your PSD files here.

Branded online gallery

The booth uploads it's pictures and videos to an online branded gallery. The gallery can be open to all, or you can set a password so booth guests will only see the content they have taken themselves.

Click on the gallery below to explore a gallery example

photo booth gallery
Salsa Photo Booth

Custom neons

Neons are all the rage. Create a custom LED neon sign for your event. We work with a supplier that can deliver your neon at an amazing price. The neon is yours to keep after the event with lots of colours to choose from.

custom neon corporate phoot both hire
corporate neon examples-2.jpg
corporate neon examples-3.jpg
corporate neon examples.jpg
hsbc custom neon web res.jpg

Custom vinyl banner backdrops

Send us your design and we will pair the booth with a custom vinyl banner backdrop. Dimensions - 150 cm by 200 cm

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 15.41.25.png
corporate photo booth hire
corporate photo booth hire
corporate photo booth hire
corporate photo booth hire

Green Screen

Pair the booth with our green screen and we can upload images and videos to the booth to lay behind booth guests. You can pair the background image / video with branded templates.

disney c markets promo green screen.jpg
disney c markets promo green screen-2.jpg

Long term hire

Install one of our booths in your display. No attendant needed. We offer great rates for long term bookings!

hugo boss set up close up web res.jpg

Mobile router

Each booth comes with a 4G mobile router so the booth can upload it's content to the gallery

mobile router web res.jpg

Collect customer data

You can easily set a disclaimer before booth guests use the Salsa Booth and then you will receive a detailed CSV file with customer contact information.

nye 2021 web res-18.jpg


Thank your team

Treat your team to a super fun photo booth experience! Head to the backdrop page for a full list of backdrops